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GPM Training Materials - click to download

Installation Instructions

Please follow the instructions ad litteram, including the folder locations and names.  

GPM Training Materials require the following software to be available on users' computers: Matlab 2008b (or more recent), Dynare and Iris toolboxes, Sirius Forecasting Framework, Perl, Miktex and Adobe Reader. The download link above provides Dynare, Iris and Sirius. It is user's responsibility to download and install the other applications. Miktex can be downloaded from http://miktex.org/2.7/setup, while Adobe Reader is most likely present on the machine already. Perl engine comes within Matlab; otherwise Active Perl can be downloaded from http://www.activestate.com/activeperl/

The following instructions assume that Matlab, Miktex and Adobe Reader are already installed. 

  1. Download the self-extracting executable image of the GPM training materials (HKMA_training.exe) from the link above.
  2. Run the self-extracting executable and extract the image in C:\. The following folder structure will be created:
  • C:\HKMA_Training\Software - includes Dynare, Iris and Sirius.
  • C:\HKMA_Training\PrototypeModels - includes 3 lectures and associated hands-on model building files.
  • C:\HKMA_Training\GPM6 - includes a full-fledged version of GPM Infrastructure and an example on how to run conditional forecasting in GPM6.

[Note]An alternative link for downloading the image in ZIP file format is present at the bottom of this document. Please unzip in C:\ such that the required folder structure will be created.

How To Run

  1. Start Matlab and add paths for Dynare and Iris - either through Set Path or addpath commands (addpath c:\HKMA_Training\Software\iriis; addpath c:\HKMA_Training\Software\dynare_v4\matlab;)
  2. Start Iris in Matlab by typing the command: irisstartup
  3. Follow the instructions in the lectures in order to run the Prototype Models.
  4. Run driver and plan_baseline from C:\HKMA_Training\GPM6\Work\Example in order to generate a conditional forecast in GPM6.

[Click to download the alternative image in ZIP file format]

GIMF Training Materials

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