Simple Two Country Version of GIMF using TROLL and FAME

Download all the files below, including the videos if you wish, into a single directory, preferably c:\models\gimftraining.  Then read the instructions found in ReadMeFirstForGIMF.pdf, which is the first file in the list below, for further instructions.

A two page READ ME file on this suite of GIMF programs (ReadMeFirstForGIMF.pdf)

A FAME Primer (StartingWithFAME.pdf)

Naming Conventions in GIMF (GIMFnaming.pdf)

Running GIMF with the Driver File (RunningGIMF.pdf)

The Theory and Mathematics of GIMF (GIMFTechnicalAppendix.pdf)

GIMF Programs using TROLL and FAME (  to come; under revision)

Training Videos for GIMF (GIMFwTROLLand

When you unzip this file, open the page for one of the four training videos, which are, in order, GIMF1presnew.html, GIMF2presnew.html, GIMF3presnew.html, and GIMF4pres.html.

GIMF Training Materials

Click on the link below to be redirected to the page containing the materials from the monthly GIMF workshops held at the IMF.

GIMF Training Materials

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